Coaching and Mentoring

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process by which you are supported and facilitated to reach personal goals. We will explore these together encouraging you to reflect and set your own path.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is where I will share my specific skills and knowledge in order to support you to achieve your aims.

Coaching and Mentoring

For young people and adults with additional needs

Coaching can include areas such as :

Developing self confidence


Building self esteem


Managing feelings and emotions


Developing assertiveness


Achieving life goals


Coping with daily challenges


Dealing with specific life events or challenges


Managing work life


Looking after your health


Managing procrastination


Developing as a leader/aspiring leader in the workplace


Career development


Mentoring can include areas such as:

Developing skills for learning

Time management

Employment skills

Career development

Revision and study skills

Developing literacy skills

Managing difficulties relating to dyslexia

Organisation skills

Developing social and communication skills

Understanding and working with your diagnosis

Managing sensory needs

Managing emotions

Managing relationships

Managing work life

Developing organisation skills

Coaching and Mentoring

for parents, carers and other family members of a person with  additional needs

Coaching can include areas such as:


Understanding anxiety-led behaviour


Building confidence


Building resilience


Managing emotions


Ensuring time for you


Balancing demands on your time


Managing your different roles and responsibilities


Returning to work


Developing assertiveness to benefit you and your child


Navigating education and benefits bureaucracy


Managing relationships


Looking after your own health



Mentoring can include areas such as:

Developing strategies for supporing anxiety-led behaviour


Supporting your child’s emotional development


Communicating with your child with SEN


Developing your child’s communication skills


Supporting your child’s learning


Developing your child’s attention and concentration


Understanding your child’s needs/diagnosis


Accessing services


Understanding special education